China Stock Loans

International Stock Loans and SCG are proud to be able to offer stock loans to mainland China including stock holders on the Shenzen and Shanghai Stock Exchange. China A Shares can be pledged as collateral for a low, fixed interest rate loan. With multiple loan tenures to choose from.


If you are here, you have most likely experienced the difficulty in getting these loans completed. The many obstacles and hurtles getting in the way make it near impossible to comply with all regulations and standards in and outside of the country. 

We have taken the time to understand the regulations and difficulty holding back the ability to fund China mainland stock loans and come to understand the marketplace after working closely with our financial partners and trusted custodians. Our professional custodian partners will take care of the entire legal process in transferring shares from China and make sure they abide by international securities laws and regulations.


Our team is now proud to offer our world class stock loans to all holders in China with free trading stock on the Shenzhen and Shanghai stock exchange. 

SCG and International Stock Loans have been the market leader in stock loans around the world for over a decade. For a hassle-free transaction that is completely transparent every step of the way email us below.


Please contact us today to learn more about our Mainland China Stock loans, we DO NOT charge any upfront fee’s and would be happy to produce a favorable term sheet for your portfolio.

*If you are a broker with pending transactions please reach out, origination fees will be paid to you*


Please contact us directly at:

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Senior Manager


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