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Non Recourse Stock Loans

Walk away from the loan at anytime and keep the cash. No personal guarantee or credit checks required. The only collateral is the the securities you have pledged.

Non Title Stock Loans

Do not transfer title to your stock as they will always be yours. Pledge stock as collateral, get cash, purchase whatever you want, and or pay off your loan and get your stocks back.

Quick Close & Fast Funding

Submit your loan request, get terms, sign documents, get closed and get funds wired directly to your bank account. We get you paid fast and efficiently.

International Stock Loans

Whether your located internationally or just own international stock we can help you. All major markets including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, London, Tokyo and more. click here to see the full list!

U.S. Stock Loans

Non-recourse stock loans on major U.S. stock exchanges such as NYSE and Nasdaq.

Canada Stock Loans

Access liquidity on your cannabis stocks. We provide loans from all major Canadian exchanges.


Stone Creek Global


Fast Cash, Competitive Rates, No Credit Checks

Your fully owned, pledged securities are all we need to close the loan. That’s why we can go from call to cash in less than a week. Get your money faster, without headaches over credit checks and paperwork, with an interest rate you can smile about.

Solutions for the International Investor

We lend against securities from all major international markets. Diversify your portfolio while hedging against volatility and stock-specific risk. With our non-recourse loans, walk away at any time if repaying the loan stops making financial sense.