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Non-Title Stock Loans

Use our Cash, Keep your Stocks. Or Keep the Cash. It’s Your Choice.

Individuals and businesses will often struggle with a key tradeoff: capital or liquidity. This is a tradeoff between owning assets that generate a return, such as land, equipment for your business, and equities; and holding cold hard cash. Holding cash will earn you little or no interest, but it’s a huge benefit to have cash on hand when the unexpected occurs, such as a major expense or time-sensitive business opportunity.

Many professionals know the secret that this trade-off between liquidity and capital, between having cash or earning a return, doesn’t have to exist. Successful businesses and individuals often outmatch their competitors by taking on debt they can manage, at a rate that beats the performance of their assets, and at an acceptable risk to them personally. This is the type of borrowing that International Stock Loans offers.

At International Stock Loans, we won’t take ownership of your securities unless that’s how you decide to end the loan. That means that your securities, and all gains made during the loan term, stay yours. We aren’t taking the securities from you, they’re simply pledged until the loan term is complete.

This is similar to a mortgage, in which the house is yours once you buy it and your home is collateral for the loan, but there are some key differences.

  1. If you can’t pay your mortgage or your home drops in value, you’re still liable for the debt. With our loans, you can walk away at any time and keep the cash.
  2. Both homes and securities can fluctuate rapidly in value, from exciting highs to scary lows. With stock loans, however, your stocks are paid for and you keep the cash. If your property value plummets, you’re in trouble. If your pledged securities take a hit, the lender is left holding the bag, with no liability on your end if you end the loan.

To conclude, we never take ownership of your pledged stocks unless you decide to terminate the loan agreement and keep your cash. In the meantime, you’ll be making quarterly payments on your loan while your stocks continue to make you money.

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Advantage #1

As borrower you do not have to transfer title ownership to the lender. You do not have to sell your securities to get a loan. Your securities are the only collateral to get capital. The lender will only control the stock and not own them.

Advantage #2

Non-transfer of title stock loans provide the most efficient and practical solution to the stock owner for raising immediate capital. A stock loan participant is able to access a majority of the current value of his/her underlying securities position while retaining access to the securities and the potential for future growth.

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